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One of the most innovative proposals offered by the northern region is touring the cities of long-standing mining tradition such as Artigas or the town of Minas de Corrales in the Department of Rivera.

One of the offers is a Mining Safari around the city of Artigas consisting of a guided tour of the quarries located in the region of El Catalán, where world-renowned large deep purple amethysts and agates are extracted. Tools, training and safety equipment are provided to visitors who wish to collect their own semiprecious stones. Back in the city, tourists can visit several workshops where raw stones undergo several industrial processes and/or are handcrafted for trade.

The safari is about 5 hours long and covers around 150 kilometers along the national route number 30 and scenic byways along the fields where the mines are located. The journey offers visitors the opportunity to be surprised by the flora and fauna of the area, and to visit quaint general stores and enjoy typical products.

Likewise, the city of Minas de Corrales, offers tourists the opportunity to visit its gold mines, get to know its pioneering aerial tramway system, the Cuñapiru hydroelectric dam, and the ruins of the first mining town in Uruguay, full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes. This tour can be combined with a tour around the city of Rivera, a visit to the wineries of the region, or a shopping trip along the border area. For those who wish to do some ecotourism there is the chance to visit to the protected area of the Valle del Lunarejo.

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MORE INFORMATION: Artigas + Minas de Corrales

In late October, a classical Montevideo attraction made a comeback. The Panoramic Viewing Platform at the top of the City Hall building reopened its doors, Mondays to Fridays 10am to 4pm. At 80 meters, it offers one of the most comprehensive and iconic views of the city. The renovated observation deck has a cafeteria, a gift shop and a visitor service center.

Visitors can borrow binoculars and umbrellas and have free wi-fi access, a rest area with tables and seats, cell phone charging stations and touch screens with QR codes.

Parties of over 15 members must schedule their visit either by phone – call 1950 3368 Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm –; in person, at San José 1328; or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Useful information: Where to go: 22nd Floor of the Intendencia de Montevideo (the City Hall). 18 de julio Ave. 1360. Opening hours: 10am to 4pm.

Quebrada de los Cuervos is often described as a "hidden paradise”, consisting of an enormous ravine formed by the action of the Yerbal Chico creek and located amidst one of Uruguay’s most exhuberant hill ranges. It is a national landmark due to its geomorphology and its rich flora and fauna, but also on account of the stories and legends that dwell within it.

Minas de Corrales -96 km from the city of Rivera and 60km from the city of Tacuarembó -attracts visitors due to its history, natural features and distinctive identity traits.
The town’s uniqueness stems from the combination of small-town traditions and the nature of the mining industry. The sight of locals on horseback riding by mining company-owned special vehicles evidences a striking contrast between the traditional and the modern.

Along the length of the median strip on Minas de Corrales’s main street, Avenida Dr Davison, there are various 19th Century local mining artifacts on display.
The beauty of Cerros Miriñaque and Vigilante (Miriñaque and Vigilante Hills) is also bound to catch the visitor’s eye. From the top, varieties of dwarf palm trees that only grow in this region can be spotted.

The San Gregorio Mining Company, just 5 km from the center of Minas de Corrales, is a mandatory stop for those interested in mining activities. We are talking about Uruguay’s largest gold mining company.
Also, there are galleries of former mining operations on the banks of Corrales creek. The cool, damp, dark setting will give you an idea of how hard life was like for miners in the past.

Minas de Corrales also features the Gold Museum, a space which houses an exhibition on the different aspects of the gold extraction process and the history of its founder, Don Tito Pereira.

Do not miss it!

The Cuñapirú dam ruins

A remarkable enterprise, whose construction began in 1866, driven by the Spanish engineer Clemente Barrial, who envisioned a buoyant mining industry and fervently believed in the gold rush.

The Gold Museum

A space dedicated to showcasing the stages and importance of the gold extraction process and the history of its founder, Don Tito Pereira.

Cerros Miriñaque and Vigilante (Miriñaque and Vigilante hills)

From the top of these hills, it is possible to see varieties of dwarf palm trees. The Cuñapirú, Del Medio and Gerónimo hills are also iconic landmarks of the northern Uruguayan landscape.

For lovers of the seventh art, Cinema Café arrives to the emblematic movie theater of Punta del Este Resort Spa (ex Mantra) from December 8 to March 2018.

Movies and the best productions selected by a group of professionals return with their entire splendor to the ex Mantra movie theater called Cinema Café, in La Barra de Maldonado. The movie theater will open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., depending on the month. In December only on weekends and in January and February, every day.

The programming includes award-winning films of diverse origin, for all tastes and ages. Cinema Café is a cultural space created for the exhibition and performance of shows, with the promotion of Uruguayan cinema.

Everything happens in this magnificent hotel movie theater, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to provide the best image and sound.
In addition, it has a bar that offers snacks, coffee and excellent service. This showroom will also offer several live shows with different invited artists.

See the programming here.


Getting hold of the best Uruguayan craft beers at a good price, carefully choosing among several premium cuts of meat, enjoying a hot chocolate with churros on a communal table where you can interact with other diners, having an ice tea while the store manager talks about trendy beverages, or tasting origin coffee and picking your own fruit which you will take home later, are some of the alternatives that can be experienced at the new Mercado Ferrando that opened in December 2017 in the Cordón neighborhood in Montevideo.

In the past years this area has had a strong take-off and has seen the birth of countless gastronomic ventures and night pubs that lure university students but also people in their 30s, 40s and "even more" who look for stylish surroundings where they can dine peacefully and taste new flavors.

The new venture created by Maxime Degroote, a Belgian and Pierina Lanzaro, a Uruguayan, can be defined as a large market of flavors. It was built under the roof of an old furniture factory with heritage value dating from the 19th century.

According to the entrepreneurs, from the beginning they aimed at selecting independent ventures and preventing the place from being overcrowded with "branches of".

"A selection of local proposals with global mentality" is the logo in the marketing material used by the market and this is perceived in the environment when one listens to the store managers, who are often the owners of the enterprise, explaining with devotion the characteristics of their products.

In terms of food, international cuisine and gourmet is the protagonist, highlighting Peruvian food, Mexican food and a salad bar with organic and healthy products.
The facilities with more than 2000 square meters and the decoration of the project are worthy of admiration. On the ground floor one can find shops selling products and a large food court with rustic furniture and warm lighting that draws visitors to stay and chat.

On the upper floor, there are restaurants that have their own space to eat. Simultaneously, an area for musical and artistic events is planned to open next year.

Flavors that you have to taste...

1) Ganache. In addition to having a coffee in the market, one can take home ground or toast coffee and clear all the doubts with the barista in charge of the store. For the summer, they offer ice cream coffee with Bailey's of Dulce de Leche, a temptation for those who enjoy discovering new sweet flavors.

2) Wuyi. A small teashop of loose leaves teas, which offers more than 60 varieties of European origin. Those who choose this infusion to accompany more meditative breaks will certainly long for this store.

3) Lutini. This sweet corner offers baking supplies and aims at the consumption of pure chocolate and chocolate coating from different places in Brazil.

The poke bowls store was all the rage at the opening. Different bases are offered such as sushi rice, whole meal, quinoa, green mix and protein such as tuna, tofu and salmon.

5) Chelato. The ice cream parlor that has become a classic of gourmet tours is also present at Mercado Ferrando.

Librería del Mercado. (Market’s Bookstore). Books are also sold in the market because the soul also needs to feed itself. This is a bookstore specialized in cooking with collection titles for lovers of gastronomy.

Chaná Street 2120
Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 a.m. and Sundays as of 9.00 a.m.
Parking on Joaquín de Salterain street.


During the spring months, the rivers and lagoons of Uruguay become an ideal setting for tourist boat rides. Following are some of the main ones.

1. Sail the Uruguay River and discover the Berlin honey.
Located 45 kilometers from Fray Bentos, Nuevo Berlín is across from the Esteros de Farrapos National Park and the Uruguay River Islands, an area of great natural value that is part of the National System of Protected Areas. Different sightseeing river tours take place in this picturesque location that is worth a try this spring.
One of them is called La Yeguada Trail and it includes a one-hour- canoe ride in the stream. Another alternative is the one offered by Apiarios La Serena, which lets visitors discover the exuberant subtropical woods surrounding the bee hives in the area. The most courageous visitors can get to know a colony of bees in full labor and collaborate with the work done with hives together with a local beekeeper. The area also offers fishing trips and sightseeing boat rides.
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Tel. (+598) 99748247 - 99696482
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact: 45682152 - Cel. 092215164

2. Sail the Rio Negro and visit Barrietos and Sauzal Islands.
The organization Bilú Guidaí, specialized in Conservation and Ecotourism proposes to enjoy two options which combine boat riding and hiking on two islands in the Rio Negro: Barrientos and Sauzal. Both trails are 1 kilometer long and 1 hour long, but offer the possibility of seeing quite different landscapes and animals. For example, the Barrientos trail features an enclosed landscape, marked by native Criollo woods, and animals such as Capybaras and Diademed Tanages. On the Sauzal island, however, Mini Bay Trees and animals such as Ferrets and River Otters are abundant. Both rides are accompanied by nature guides.
+ Info Bilú Guidaí

3. Catamaran rides in the Soriano waters.
The riverside rambla of the city of Mercedes is an irresistible attraction in the fall. There are several options to enjoy the wonders of the river such as the catamaran rides in the Soriano I. The vessel accommodates 45 people in an air-conditioned cabin to enjoy journeys all year long.
Some of the journey options that can be arranged for groups during the fall are:
Mercedes - Villa Soriano - Duration 5 hours.
Mercedes - Barrancas Coloradas - Duration 3 hours.
Mercedes - Doña Pepa Willows - Duration 2 hours.
For more information and travelling arrangements contact the Office of Tourism of Soriano.
+ Info Soriano I

4. Kayaking and canoeing along the rambla of Mercedes.
The company Kluver Turismo offers a fun proposal to stay fit and enjoy a water ride with friends.
+ Info. Kluver Turismo

5. Boat rides and snorkeling in Villa Soriano, the oldest European settlement in the country.
Founded in 1624, the village emerges on the island of Vizcaino as a location for the Chana Indians, and is then transferred to the present site in 1708. These characteristics make it the oldest European settlement in the Uruguayan territory. The town maintains the colonial characteristics of its time and history is still felt today on the coasts of the Hum and in the streets.
Besides the historical and cultural attractiveness of this town, visitors can enjoy several water activities, such as water rides in the Rio Negro, kayaking, canoeing and even snorkeling by the pier.
Contact. Office of Tourism of Soriano
Tel. (+598) 45322201 int. 2501-03 / Information Center. Boat Station. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tel. (+598) 45394815 / Local Council Villa Soriano. Tel. (+598) 4530 4144




Nature and the traditions of the countryside of Canelones are only a few kilometers away from Montevideo.
A group of rural establishments in the rural area of Canelones and Santa Lucia have gathered to show the everyday life of men and women working on the fields, growing the food served at the tables of many Uruguayans.
There is a group of local tourism offering innovative trails to show the diversity of agricultural production and family businesses by sharing their stories, culture and values.
Some proposals include lunch and tea, with a classical and traditional country style homemade menu that is worth a try.

The Senderos de Santa Lucía Group is formed by several farmers and producers that can be contacted to arrange the visits.


  • 01Hotifruticola Ruta 62 of FamilyFourcade - Marchissio.
    A family undertaking with strong ties to the countryside. They have different types of fruit trees such as plum, peach and apple trees and strawberries and several vegetables depending on the time of the year.
    Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Senderos Santa Lucía
  • 02

    Vinícola Filgueira (FilgueiraWinery).  This winery created at the beginning of the XX century is dedicated to the production of fine wine, which has received international awards on several occasions. The place offers tours to visit the vineyards, winery and cellar..

    03La Cabañita de la Familia Bentancour Fourcade. This is an ideal meeting point to enjoy a good “asado” (barbecued beef) and tasty afternoon snacks with friends and family. Everything has a familiar taste and is served in a charming ambiance..

  • 04

    El Canelón. Familia Perrone - Abreu. Set up at the location Canelón Grande on Road 64, ever since 1941 this establishment has been dedicated to horticulture and especially the production of garlic and sweet corn.  It has facilities for the supply of large areas and shops in general. This point provides another view of the production chain.

  • 05 Tambo La Fe de Manuel Gesto. (Dairy Farm). This is a long established dairy farm with vast experience in the field. Visitors can experience the milking activity and dairy production of things they usually have on their tables every day.

  • 06 La Pastora; la Familia Sambolino-Bustos. Dedicated to the rearing of sheep for milking purposes for the past 6 years, this undertaking offers another view of rural activities. The establishment also produces artisan cheese.   Once there, another interesting place to visit is the Jardín Temático (theme garden) of Mr. Niel Rodríguez, which has a great variety of native flora and covers an extension of different and carefully designed park styles.
            Cell phone: 099397804 – 091932745 - 099475515
            Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
            Facebook: Senderos Santa Lucía

Las Piedras is considered the capital of grapes and wine for the number of tourist wineries gathered in the area. The city is known for the variety of attractions and events connected with the history of our country and wine growing. Las Piedras has museums, monuments, a horse track and soon, a shopping mall. In March, the city dresses up for the election of "the National Grape Harvest Queen."


Animals, botany, reptiles, and charming outdoor environments are part of the alternatives offered by La India, a Farm Zoo located 10 minutes from downtown Florida. An ideal place for family day opens Thursday to Sunday from 2pm to 8pm.
Location: José Pedro Varela. 3.700 km - La Macana - Florida.


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