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One of the activities in the city of Fray Bentos, in the center of the country, is discovering the place where the Industrial Revolution peaked in the Río de la Plata. If you like history, you cannot miss the Museum of the Industrial Revolution - Former Anglo Slaughter House and Packing Plant, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2015.

During the spring months, the rivers and lagoons of Uruguay become an ideal setting for tourist boat rides. Following are some of the main ones.

1. Sail the Uruguay River and discover the Berlin honey.
Located 45 kilometers from Fray Bentos, Nuevo Berlín is across from the Esteros de Farrapos National Park and the Uruguay River Islands, an area of great natural value that is part of the National System of Protected Areas. Different sightseeing river tours take place in this picturesque location that is worth a try this spring.
One of them is called La Yeguada Trail and it includes a one-hour- canoe ride in the stream. Another alternative is the one offered by Apiarios La Serena, which lets visitors discover the exuberant subtropical woods surrounding the bee hives in the area. The most courageous visitors can get to know a colony of bees in full labor and collaborate with the work done with hives together with a local beekeeper. The area also offers fishing trips and sightseeing boat rides.
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Tel. (+598) 99748247 - 99696482
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Contact: 45682152 - Cel. 092215164

2. Sail the Rio Negro and visit Barrietos and Sauzal Islands.
The organization Bilú Guidaí, specialized in Conservation and Ecotourism proposes to enjoy two options which combine boat riding and hiking on two islands in the Rio Negro: Barrientos and Sauzal. Both trails are 1 kilometer long and 1 hour long, but offer the possibility of seeing quite different landscapes and animals. For example, the Barrientos trail features an enclosed landscape, marked by native Criollo woods, and animals such as Capybaras and Diademed Tanages. On the Sauzal island, however, Mini Bay Trees and animals such as Ferrets and River Otters are abundant. Both rides are accompanied by nature guides.
+ Info Bilú Guidaí

3. Catamaran rides in the Soriano waters.
The riverside rambla of the city of Mercedes is an irresistible attraction in the fall. There are several options to enjoy the wonders of the river such as the catamaran rides in the Soriano I. The vessel accommodates 45 people in an air-conditioned cabin to enjoy journeys all year long.
Some of the journey options that can be arranged for groups during the fall are:
Mercedes - Villa Soriano - Duration 5 hours.
Mercedes - Barrancas Coloradas - Duration 3 hours.
Mercedes - Doña Pepa Willows - Duration 2 hours.
For more information and travelling arrangements contact the Office of Tourism of Soriano.
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4. Kayaking and canoeing along the rambla of Mercedes.
The company Kluver Turismo offers a fun proposal to stay fit and enjoy a water ride with friends.
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5. Boat rides and snorkeling in Villa Soriano, the oldest European settlement in the country.
Founded in 1624, the village emerges on the island of Vizcaino as a location for the Chana Indians, and is then transferred to the present site in 1708. These characteristics make it the oldest European settlement in the Uruguayan territory. The town maintains the colonial characteristics of its time and history is still felt today on the coasts of the Hum and in the streets.
Besides the historical and cultural attractiveness of this town, visitors can enjoy several water activities, such as water rides in the Rio Negro, kayaking, canoeing and even snorkeling by the pier.
Contact. Office of Tourism of Soriano
Tel. (+598) 45322201 int. 2501-03 / Information Center. Boat Station. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tel. (+598) 45394815 / Local Council Villa Soriano. Tel. (+598) 4530 4144




Nuevo Berlín is one of the best access points to the Uruguay River's exuberant nature. Various islands can be seen from its shore and are an ideal spot for spotting indigenous fauna and flora.
It is possible to navigate the open-river in small boats and reach narrow creeks where the sights and sounds of nature envelop visitors.
Those who do not own a boat can rent them from fishermen who offer tours for groups of 2-6 people. These boats are a great option for people who love fishing, and the locals are a great source of advice for finding the best catch in the area.
The tours usually visit several areas like Polaco, Redonda, Filomena, Chileno, Roman, Burro, Naranjo, and Santa Marta Chica islands, among others.

This is a 9-hole course of par 71, with undulating topography and ample fairways surrounded by ancient native and foreign trees. It is also decorated with innumerable bushes and hedgerows that have been incorporated into the landscape throughout the years. One of the most interesting holes is the 6th, which is a par 5 hole of 556 yards and a wide fairway. A creek cuts across it from north to south about 150 yards away from the green.


Adress: Anglo Neighborhood - Fray Bentos
Telephone: (59856) 22 427 - Fax: (59853) 24 563.
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Construction: 1928
Designer: Dr. Allister Mackenzie.

9- Ida 2.843 - Vuelta 2.963 - Total: 5.806 yds.

The country's western areas offer the possibility of experiencing late 19th - early 20th Century lifestyle. History lovers cannot miss visiting the Industrial Revolution Museum located in Fray Bentos, which has been proposed by Uruguay to be included in UNESCO's List of World Heritage.
The museum is located in the building where one of the main meat packing factories in South America once operated. Known as the “world's kitchen”, it passed from German ownership (Liebig, 1862), to English (Anglo, from 1924), and then into the hands of the Uruguayan State (Frigorífico Nacional, from 1968), before closing its doors during the 70s. A guided visit shows us how its corned beef and meat extract were a staple in the world's diet, and a main player in the daily nutrition of European armies during the World Wars. All sorts of machinery can be seen at the museum, as well as a look inside the meat extract-making process, work uniforms, and even the pink slips given to workers who participated in strikes.

If the Fray Bentos museum enters the World Heritage List, it will be the second intangible piece of heritage in Uruguay to reach this distinction, following the city of Colonia del Sacramento's achievement in 1995.

Colonia is precisely where another innovative time-traveling experience is located. Right in front of the Real de San Carlos (old bull-fighting arena), six kilometers from Colonia Del Sacramento's center, visitors can find the “Recrear Historia” (Recreating History), a cultural space and railway museum accompanied by amazing gourmet options. Railways, wagons, train whistles, different installations, compartment keys and seat numbers can be found amongst other items making up the collection that transports visitors into the railway's glory days of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
One of the better-preserved spaces in the museum is the Station Manager’s office. His desk contains all the technological gadgets from the era: an Underwood typewriter, a Limit fan, and, of course, a telegraph.
The visit can be rounded off with a meal in one of the picturesque wagons, where one can taste home-made treats served on antique china.

Fray Bentos has its own port that can house large vessels, with two concrete shipment piers, one for deep sea vessels, and another for river vessels, of 9 and 7 meters in depth respectively. It also boasts a sports port belonging to the Fray Bentos Rowing Club.
History and natural beauty are combined in this surprising city with plenty of options for visitors, along with many culinary choices and even 2, 3, and 4 stars hotels.
Club Remeros Fray Bentos (Rowing Club)
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Small port of the Club de Remeros de Fray Bentos

Useful information
Wall berth: 20
Anchor berth: 30
Bathrooms and showers
Open hours: Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 8am to 12pm
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