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Six attractions you cannot miss if you visit Termas de Guaviyú (Guaviyú Springs)

The railway tradition, nature along the Guaviyú river, the legends of Padre Pio’s Grotto and the beautiful landscapes depicted by the Palm Groves, are waiting for those who decide to travel to the department of Paysandú. Following are six spots not to miss this summer 2017.

1. Queguay Station
The town of Lorenzo Geyres is located 35 kilometers to the south of the Hot Springs, on km 396 of route 3. This town originated with the railroad. Its inhabitants still know it as "Queguay" in reference to the name of the old train station built there in the late 19th century. There are many who say that it is the "most beautiful" station in Uruguay. Its charm has to do with the fact that it still retains its old construction framed in a picturesque landscape. It is worthwhile to wait for the train to pass, which still goes by carrying limestone from Paysandú to Tacuarembó.

2. Guaviyú trail and natural spaces
Within the hot springs area you can make a guided walking tour that includes the interpretation of native fauna and flora and bird watching of the species in the area. For the adventurous ones, there are several options to practice mountain biking in places of singular scenic beauty where palm trees are the main characters. In both cases, these are activities led by local guides who live in the area.

3. Aurora Farm and Padre Pio’s Grotto
This is a mystical place located on the border between Paysandú and Salto (a few meters from the bridge over River Dayman) highly visited by people from all over the world. On one side of the road you will find the agricultural and livestock establishment Aurora Farm and on the other side, the grotto with the statue that pays tribute to saint Pio of Pietrelcina. It is said that there have been phenomena related to UFO sightings and miracle cures.

4. Saladero Guaviyú (Salted meat house)
Located 35 kilometers from the Hot Springs of Guaviyú, this great relic is a great center of attraction for many visitors seeking to enjoy nature. It has a camping area, toilets, electricity and drinking water.

5. Palmares de Quebracho (Quebracho Palm Groves)
Along the road that leads to Saladero Guaviyú you can see countless palm trees that witnessed great moments of our national history. In March 1886 a battle took place in this area where legalist revolutionary forces (grouped by members of the White and Colorado Parties) fought against the forces of the military government of Máximo Santos, who  intended to remain as president and succeeded in doing so.

6. Meseta de Artigas (Artigas’ Plateau)
Only 37 kilometers from the hot springs complex of Guaviyú is one of the main tourist destinations in Paysandu. The monument, by sculptor Juan Azzarini- is nestled on this plateau set in a natural environment of unique beauty on the banks of the Uruguay River. Once you arrive here, it is highly recommended to enter the Interpretation Center located in a building known as "La Casona del Patriarca" where, through the use of augmented reality, 360 video and ultrasound, visitors can learn about "artiguismo" (Artigas' ideals) and the history of the territory.

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