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Sailing through the Río Negro and the San Salvador rivers

Soriano has many options for sailing enthusiasts. Besides rivers and streams perfect for water sports, tourists can also take ferries and boats from the cities of Mercedes or Dolores, and visit places of great historical and archaeological wealth, through gorgeous natural sights comprised of islands and remote wooded areas. These isolated yet beautiful areas are ideal for spotting indigenous fauna and flora.

The Catamaran Soriano I ferry is a modern ship with all the amenities needed for luxury sailing.

Different tours depart from Mercedes periodically, reaching different destinations, such as Sauces de Doña Pepa, Barrancas Coloradas, and Laguna de los Negros, among others. We recommend our visitors contact Soriano's Tourism Office for information or to make reservations.


Some tours from Mercedes:

Mercedes - Villa Santo Domingo Soriano Duration: 2.30 hours
Mercedes - Barrancas Coloradas Duration: 3 hours
Mercedes - Sauces de Doña Peña Duration: 2 hours.
Mercedes - Laguna de los Negros Duration: 2 hours
Mercedes - Arenita de Oro Duration: 1 1/2 hours.


Rides along the San Salvador river

Dolores - San Salvador River mouth Duration: 3 hours
Dolores Espinillo Stream Duration: 2 hours
Dolores - Bizcocho Stream Duration: 1 hour.


Soriano's Tourism Office

Telephone numbers:.
(598) 45322201 (598) 45322202 ext. 2501, 2503



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