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Located in the east of the department of Colonia, 52 km from Colonia del Sacramento and 132 km from Montevideo on the touristic National Route 1, the town of Rosario has had, since 1994, the first Uruguayan museum of Mural Art History.

Through its painted walls, Rosario narrates facts and describes characters directly related to regional anecdotes and the history of the area. In this way, and as part of an initiative from the residents, its murals have become the calling card of the town.

Located on the banks of the Colla River, next to the mouth of the Rosario River, it is the only town of Spanish origin in the department of Colonia.

Its origins date back to 1775, when a group of neighbors led by Benito Herosa founded the town of Rosario, the stage for important events of the Old Homeland and Provisional Capital of the Department between 1826 and 1829. Rosario had its boom in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Among its tourist attractions are the Calle de la Memoria, with its picturesque lanterns and peculiar “news signs” which collect news from the newspapers published since 1883, and the Carnival route. Herosa Square is the place where the people tend to meet, while the shrine of Virgen del Rosario is a place which is visited by Catholics. The Consagrada Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church is a National Historic Landmark. The Paseo de la Luz owes its name to the historical fact which meant that the town had electric lighting in the windows of the Garat shop (1913), ten years before the arrival of UTE.

Other attractions for the visitor include the Durieux Park, Paso de Piedra, Paso Arballo and Laguna del Bote, among others.

Considered the Departmental Capital of the Carnival, Rosario has a great carnival tradition. Months of preparation culminate in spectacular parades which take place during the summer months with great general participation. The floats are made from recycled material and are noted for their originality and creativity.

Combining history, art and nature with its bohemian nature and friendliness of its people, Rosario is a destination well worth visiting.