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La Coronilla

Located at kilometer 314 of Route 9, La Coronilla offers the tourist about 8 kilometers of beaches with a temperature higher than other points on the coast of Rocha and waters saturated in iodine, which favors fishing conditions. In fact, the site is considered one of the best coastal fishing areas in the region.
From its coast and hand in hand with the fishermen of the area, it is possible to access two islands that offer a spectacular panorama of the vegetation and the fauna of the surroundings. One of them, Isla Verde is inhabited by sea lions, abundant vegetation and a variety of birds. The other, called Island or Islet Coronilla, is significantly smaller than the previous one.
Fans of marine fauna enjoy several sighting possibilities in the region. Sea lions, dolphins and even whales are part of the daily landscape, depending on the time of year. Sea turtles, for example, are an emblem of the place. In fact, located in La Coronilla, visitors can find “Karumbé”, one of the major centers for the conservation and rehabilitation of these species in the region.
A recent recovered area is the Andreoni Canal, built more than twenty years ago to dissect the wetlands, whose waters are excellent for canoeing.
The suspension bridge over the canal is one of the emblematic postcards of La Coronilla, along with the remains of the Porteña steamer, a ship taken by armed revolutionaries in 1873, which add a touch of mysticism to the place. Legend has it that a great treasure lies underneath the boat.
Long horseback rides along the coast, trails in natural parks and scenic hypnotizing views from Cerro Verde (an elevation covered in wild vegetation) are just some of the privileges that tourists can experience in this peaceful and cozy territory of Rocha.