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This resort is the result of a visionary who left his unique stamp on the area. Long beaches and high hills characterize the area and create an ideal environment for resting.

Piriápolis is the vision of a visionary and its status as such is reflected at every corner. It was founded in 1893, at the height of the Belle Époque, by Francisco Piria, businessman, alchemist and character if ever there was one, who originally christened it Balneario del Porvenir, a name that would, over time, become a sentence. Here, long beaches and high hills characterize the area and create an ideal environment for resting.

The town has the merit of having arisen as the result of a meticulous plan to attract the Uruguayan and Argentinean aristocracy of the late nineteenth century.

Getting to know it well entails delving into its history, symbols, traditions and its rich past which gives it a unique identity in the present.

Piriápolis has magnificent buildings and an extensive waterfront promenade, a replica of the French Biarritz, the enormous Argentino Hotel which was, for many years, the largest in South America, and the enigmatic Piria Castle. Its beaches are located along a 25 km stretch of coastline, from the Solís River to Punta Negra. All of them have white sands and clean water and receive thousands of tourists every summer from Uruguay, Argentina and Europe. To the west, some of the more attractive are: Playa Grande, Playa Verde, Playa Hermosa, Las Flores and Bella Vista.

Piriápolis has a wide range of options to have fun and to suit all tastes: parks, water sports, chairlifts, walkways for hiking, rappelling, and horseback riding are just some of the alternatives which are combined with wide-ranging dining and accommodation options. The resort also has several areas for sport fishing. In addition to the local harbor and its jetties there are other points such as Punta Fría, Punta Colorada and Punta Negra which are ideal for fishing sea bass and mackerel.

In short, Piriápolis has the magic of appearing old and modern at the same time. Its hills, vast boulevards and dream-like beaches appear as if they have been pampered over time.