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Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:33

Fray Bentos Golf Club, a course with history

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This is a 9-hole course of par 71, with undulating topography and ample fairways surrounded by ancient native and foreign trees. It is also decorated with innumerable bushes and hedgerows that have been incorporated into the landscape throughout the years. One of the most interesting holes is the 6th, which is a par 5 hole of 556 yards and a wide fairway. A creek cuts across it from north to south about 150 yards away from the green.


Adress: Anglo Neighborhood - Fray Bentos
Telephone: (59856) 22 427 - Fax: (59853) 24 563.
E Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Construction: 1928
Designer: Dr. Allister Mackenzie.

9- Ida 2.843 - Vuelta 2.963 - Total: 5.806 yds.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:33

Club del Lago Golf, a classically American course

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This course is designed after American courses, which in uncommon in South America, with long fairways and ample and wide greens. This allows for different flag positions that can substantially modify each hole's difficulty.  Near the golf course, on the shore of the Sauce Pond, there is a five-star hotel with 75 rooms.


Adress: Ruta 93 (Interbalnearia) - Km. 116,5 - Portezuelo
Telephone: (59842) 578 423/24 - 579 147 - Fax: (59842) 579 148.
Web site: www.lagogolf.com
E Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Construction: 6 of january of 1983
Holes :18 Ida 3695 - Vuelta 3370 - Total 7065.

La Barra Golf Club's philosophy is to be a “friends' club”, so its members can play golf and enjoy a friendly, familiar, and relaxed environment. The course is automatically irrigated and has computerized tees, fairways, and greens. The latter were constructed within USGA regulations with the latest technology. Its natural and efficient drainage makes this course playable all year round.

This course is located only five minutes away from Carrasco International Airport, and only thirty minutes from the capital's commercial and financial center. This course has a unique design, in which each of the 18 holes snakes between residences whosegardens overlook the course, allowing the player to enjoy changing scenery. The course has all the services: practice fields, electric carts, caddies, club rental, and a restaurant.


Adress: Cno. de Los Horneros 4440.
Telephone: (59837) 684 00 04
Web Site: www.latahona.com.uy
Construction: 1996
Designer: Jorge Armas - Enrique Muñoz
Holes: Par 71 Ida: 3.244 yds. - Vuelta: 3.260 yds. - Total: 6.504 yds

This is a par 72 course located next to the Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort designed by Emilio Serra. It was inaugurated in December 2012. The course contains 18 holes and an admirable design that manages to harmonize the indigenous woods with majestic inner lakes. Given its geographical nature, interaction with the Río de la Plata is certain, delighting golfers with beautiful sunsets that can be seen from the tees and greens.
The greens were built with a drainage system regulated by the USGA, with an average area of 650 square meters, covered with Agrosttis L93 grass. The Fairways are sown with the Tifway variety of grass, and are designed to make the game challenging yet entertaining.


Adress: Continuación de la Rambla de las Américas
Telephone:  (0059852) 29000
Web site: www.sheraton.com/colonia
E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Construction: october of 2005
Holes: 18

Ida 3647 yardas par 36. Vuelta 3521 yardas. Total: 7168 yardas.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:33

San Isidro Golf, a new 9-hole course in Mercedes

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This nine-hole course is located 2.7 kilometers away from downtown Mercedes, and was designed by the Argentinean Oscar Vazón. It has seven par 3 holes and two par 4s, which makes the course par 58, with various bodies of water playing their part in the game. The course contains 4 main greens in which water plays an important role. Hole 9 lies parallel to the Rio Negro, its tee only 5 meters away from the water. The game is short but difficult, which makes this a demanding and enjoyable course for golf lovers.


Adress : Cno. Elías Regules S/N, Mercedes, Soriano
Telephone: (598) 45323952
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Designer: Mr. Oscár Vazón
Holes: 9, par de la cancha 58 de 3.486 yardas
Size: 3.486 yardas, ida 1.723 y vuelta 1763
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:33

Playing on the Altos of the Arapey

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This is a beautiful 18-hole course, par 73 for gentlemen and 72 for ladies, with a total yardage of 7200, located at the 564th kilometer of Route 3 in the Salto department. It offers an ideal environment for the sport's lovers. The course opened in 2011 and its design includes long mirrors of water that frame and elevate the game. It has an excellent Driving Range and Putting Green in which to practice comfortably. It also offers accommodations and all the services from the Altos del Arapey Hotel, and a well-equipped Club House which was designed to be a meeting point and brings forth the fraternity the game is known for.

Adress: Termas del Arapey. Salto
Telephone: (5982) 9007358
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site: www.altosdelarapey.com
Construction: 2011
Designer: Ernesto Llovet
Hoyos 18- Ida 3648 - Vuelta 3552 - Total: 7.200 yds.
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:33

Sargo, catching a formidable opponent

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Along with the black drum, the silverside, and the flounder, the sargo ranks high for sports fishing due to its fighting temperament and complex habitat.
If sea conditions allow, the sargo will travel almost exclusively in shoals, which means that, when found, it is very likely that one sargo will take the bait immediately after  it hits the water.
Sargos found off the coast can weigh a little more than a kilo. This is a fish with a hard and small mouth, and it has a short dental formation with which is breaks mussels open. This is the sargo's greatest food source.

Season and Places
The sargo's high season starts in La Tuna just when fall starts in April or May and, as the season progresses, the sargo can be found further east.
There are ports, like José Ignacio, where the sargo is present almost all year, however high season ends towards November, when the large shoals become less frequent.
The sargo lives near the coastal bedrock from the island of La Tuna, in front of Costa Azul in Canelones, to the beaches of Rocha: Cabo Polonio, Punta del Diablo, and Santa Teresa.
Its erratic behavior means you can find good fishing spots for sargo in Punta Ballena or Gorriti Island well into summer. They frequent the ports all along the coast of Maldonado, such as Punta Fría, Punta Colorada y Punta Negra – over to the town of Piriápolis – and eastward towards Punta Ballena, Isla de Gorriti, José Ignacio, La Paloma, and even further along the Rocha coast. In Punta del Diablo there is a rock formation called Widow's Hill where sargo fishing is extremely bountiful, mainly in July and August.

Fishing and Gear
The sargo's particular habit of living near rocks where waves crash constantly forces the fisherman to always keep his equipment in his hand, in order to react to possible bites immediately and to prevent the specimen from lodging any equipment in the bedrock. When the fish bites, its behavior is very erratic; it can either tense-up or loosen the line, so it is necessary to keep the line taught and hold it tight.

Sargo fishing is done simply with a fishing rod and reel (of strong resistence, rotating or frontal, with 20 pound line) and a long rod (between 3 and 3.6 meters), that can stand up to 30 pounds, rigid enough to be able to take on combative specimens in bedrock.

The lightest weights are the best, between 30 and 50 grams, to avoid obstacles when waiting for a bait or reeling a fish in.

Since the sargo live around rocks they can also be caught effectively with simple rods between 7 and 8 meters, and small fusiform floats of between 8 and 10 centimeters long.

This is a species emblematic of the River Plate Estuary and, while shore-casting can give good results, it is best caught from a boat. The white croaker has a special antagonistic behavior that manifests in violently seeking the seabed after taking the bait. Average adult specimens weigh in at 3 kilos, however larger ones are known to swim near Cuchilla Alta and Montevideo.

Season and Places
The white croaker has the longest season for fishing, practically all-year round. It is in Montevideo where larger croakers can be found, which helps keep the hundreds of small sport fishing club boats busy the whole year round.
There is a volcanic formation in Cuchilla Alta in Canelones called “Bajos del Solís”, where large croakers can also be found.
The croaker is also commonly found in José Ignacio, Punta del Este, Piriápolis, and Atlántida.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:33

Enjoying Colonia's nature and rural ranches

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Colonia offers a charming experience in nature unlike any other, attractive and varied in nature, offering several options for rural tourism. Enjoy a typical “asado con cuero” (Uruguayan barbecue, cooked within the cow's skin) or other Criollo delicacies. Visit tourist “tambos” (milking yards), go on a horseback ride and breathe in the fresh and healthy air around you, all while appreciating rural tradition.

The rural establishments of Colonia combine agro-tourism, healthy living, ecology, Criollo gastronomy, and rural traditions. A beautiful coastline extends from the Real of San Carlos (historic bull-fighting arena) to the Anchorena Park, containing noteworthy areas like Barrancas, a perfect place to spot fossils from the Marine Era.