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Tango is one of the most genuine and original cultural expressions in the Rio de la Plata, and Montevideo offers enchanting surroundings to get carried away by the rhythm of its music.
Any day of the week is fine to get inspired by the 2 by 4 rhythm in picturesque and diverse milongas in the capital.
How can we define these magical encounters of Montevideo´s night life?
A Milonga is a space dedicated specifically to the tango dance; the meeting place of "milongueros" (milonga dancers), amateurs or tango dancers, to express their passion and enjoyment for the dance.
Gustavo Bello, a dancer and teacher of tango, defines it as "a privileged place to do some dance moves, enjoy and dance, but also to share an embrace and a common feeling for the genre."
Milongas usually gather friends and acquaintances who share the same passion for tango, but also receive tourists from all over the world who are curious to experience tango on their own shoes or simply to sit and watch the dance.
In Montevideo, there are milongas of different styles and sizes. For example, on Wednesdays you can visit Museo del Vino, framed in an intimate setting characterized by sculptures, old wine demijohns and warm lighting.
Thursdays is Ché Madam, this milonga offers a dance floor and the most typical Uruguayan dishes. It is one of the few milonga options where besides enjoying the tango dance it is possible to sit down for dinner.
JovenTango, on the other hand, is usually recognized by dancers and teachers as "the institution" in the matter. Born in 1977, this cultural place aims to study, cultivate and promote the musical genre born in the Rio de la Plata. Its diverse milonga proposals are framed within a space of wide tradition as the "Mercado de la Abundancia" (Market of Abundance).
Dance lovers often praise the place´s extensive curupai hardwood floors of more than 180 square meters.
Although milongas there take place practically every day of the week - Mondays: La Lunera; Tuesdays: La Yapa -, the busiest day of the week is usually Friday, when sometimes there are more than 200 couples on the dance floor.
Another milonga of great tradition is Vieja Viola at the Ensueño Room on Saturdays. Its acclaimed dance floor has been visited by champions from all over the world.
Uruguayans have their own codes when it comes to milonga. For example, to invite someone to dance, we go to their table and it is common to see women taking the initiative. In Argentina, however, it is usually the gentlemen who ask ladies to dance and they do it with a nod of their heads, while the women wait attentively for their gestures of invitation.

Milongas every night

  • 01Monday. "LaLunera". Location: Aquiles Lanza 1290 and San Jose. Tel. 29015561 Facebook: JovenTango 
  • 02

    Tuesday. "Lo de Margot." Location: Constituyente 1812, between Gaboto and Yaro. Tel. 24106230. Facebook: LodeMargot.

  • 03

    Wednesday. "Museo del Vino" Location: Maldonado 1150. 29083430. Website: Museodel Vino. Sitio web: MuseodelVino.
    "La Callejera". Location: Plaza Líber Seregni. From October to May 1st. Facebook: "Milonga Callejera"(Street tango dancing). Facebook: "Milonga Callejera"

  • 05 Friday. "JovenTango" Location: Aquiles Lanza 1290 at San Jose. Facebook: JovenTango. Facebook: JovenTango.
  • 06  Saturday. "Lo de Margot" Location: Constituyente 1812, between Gaboto and Yaro. Tel. 24106230. Facebook: LodeMargot.
    "Vieja Viola". Location: Paysandú 1639 at Minas . Facebook: Vieja Viola

Important: Milonga schedules can change so we recommend contacting your organizers. Visit Milongashoy fan page for all the highlights each week.

Punta del Este is often known as the international jet set beach resort. Many celebrities choose it year after year to enjoy a five star holiday. Forbes magazine highlighted several unavoidable places for those who decide to visit Punta del Este in search of glamor, trends and nature. Among the places and attractions highlighted by the prestigious American magazine are:

1.Los Dedos (The Fingers).
The mythical work of the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal is a must in the itinerary of those who arrive for the first time in the peninsula. No one can return home without a selfie at Los Dedos as a souvenir.

2. Port of Punta del Este.
It is a key point for those who wish to admire the resort and treat themselves to fresh fish.

3. Casapueblo.
This is a summer classic. Lovers of art and architecture cannot miss the museum and workshop of the famous artist Carlos Páez Vilaró at the top of Punta Bellena and enjoy the fabulous sunset from there.

4. La Bourgogne.
Located in a quiet residential area near Punta del Este, this prestigious restaurant is run by French chef Jean-Paul Bondoux, who recreated his native Burgundy. The recommendation is to have a table set in the garden and to order the chef's tasting menu, which is made with products from the Bondoux farm.

5. La Barra. 
A relaxed afternoon among galleries, surf shops and ice cream parlors, apart from beautiful beaches.

6. Pueblo Garzón.(Garzon Village).
The Argentine chef Francis Mallmann has chosen the town of Pueblo Garzon to set up his interesting gastronomic proposal, based on regional products, prepared with fire and firewood, in a clay oven, the grill or other cooking methods like "the infiernillo" (little hell). To accompany the dishes, the place offers an Argentine wine list and a selection of wines from Bodega Garzón (the Garzon Winery).

7. Altos de la Ballena. (Heights of the Whale).
An excellent place where to taste the most typical grape of the region: Tannat.

8. Lo de Tere (Tere's Place).
This picturesque restaurant has been praised as a key point in the summer season.

9. Moby Dick.
This bar is a classic icon of Punta del Este’s night life and is open all year round, receiving visitors from the most diverse countries. It offers a variety of drinks and beers in an atmosphere similar to an Irish pub. It is ideal for drinking and listening to music and even live bands.

10. Ocean Club.
Located on the Brava Beach, it is home to theme parties that transcend throughout the season. The night starts late in the resort, at about 4am. This disco/bar offers different music floors, several bars, VIP areas and a terrace facing the sea.